• Knowledge is knowing what no longer serves you. Wisdom is knowing what serves you best.

The Wikkjaz Way

Wikkjaz Wisdom is a new concept in the world of healing. Its aim is to encourage people to embrace the knowledge of spirit-dual and emotional awareness. One could say it is a projection of expression, and for some this may be enough to run with, but it is so much more. 

Over life and time, we gain much experience that always adds a little extra layer upon the conscious self, slightly altering the way we view our external world. This vital stimulus is essential to our development and survival mechanism. But what if we accumulate more than we need for our best life? 

What if just one or two things from all the junk in the trunk of our mind could serve our purpose perfectly? For example, let's say within our life journey we discover we have a natural love of nature - the beauty and the aesthetics, the sights and smells that conjure a feeling of unity, bliss and serenity. This feeling becomes us. It awakens aspects that are effortless to feel. We do not have to try to feel its presence.

Wikkjaz Wisdom

Journey through seven metaphorical stories. This book delves into the inherent duality within us all, the interplay between the mind and heart, and the sacred wisdom that lies within the realms of spirit.

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Wikkjaz Origins

The word ‘wikkjaz’ derives from old Germanic and literally means ‘one who wakes the dead’. This is uncommonly associated with the gift of necromancy, an ancient art of summoning the spirit of the dead from a corpse.

It was traditionally believed that certain individuals had the ability to call on the spirits of the deceased to gain all sorts of information from beyond the grave.

In Wikkjaz, the gift of necromancy represents the art of raising the spirit of the living, enabling an individual to rediscover the self-healing power of spirit duality.

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"The dead zone is the part of the self that we deny.

We carry on oblivious until we hear its cry."

Spirit Duality

"The past was present before your birth, the present is your time on earth,
The future starts from the day you die, you are the here and now, but why,
To hear a tune on a summer breeze, record the notes that you receive,
Transcribe the tune that you have heard, from music to the written word.