The Wikkjaz Way

The practice of Wikkjaz rituals is for the purpose of connecting more deeply to the four elements of life: Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Each element is abundant all year round and weaves its way through spirit unconditionally. Each element is however aligned with one season. 

Earth is represented by the season of Winter. 

Air is represented by the season of Spring. 

Fire is represented by the season of Summer. 

Water is represented by the season of Autumn. 

Wikkjaz celebrates the four seasons with feasts of gratitude. We do this for two reasons: firstly to celebrate the turning of the year and honouring the life-death-life cycle of time, and secondly to strengthen each of these precious elements within. 

As the seasons turn, we prepare for the next cycle by decorating our space accordingly. This could be the home, the workplace or the office, whatever suits you best. If you spend most of your time at work, decorate the office. If you have a family and spend most your time at home, do likewise, much in the same way as we prepare for Christmas, Thanksgiving or Passover. 

If you are a gardener you may wish to include plants and herbs that represent these four elements in your garden. This is explained more fully in the book Wikkjaz Wilding. 

The food that is prepared for the feast, however, does play a more significant role. Feast night food typically includes ingredients that complement the element. Obviously one must meet all their own dietary needs and preferences but on each feast night the host will include magic in the preparations. 

A Wikkjaz works with nature's elements to magically enhance their spirit-duality. This is explained more fully in the book Wikkjaz Rituals. 

It's important to note that the reasons for following rituals can vary greatly depending on the cultural, religious and personal context. While some individuals may follow rituals out of deeply held beliefs, others may engage in them for the sake of tradition, social expectation or personal fulfilment. Ultimately, the significance of rituals lies in their ability to provide structure, meaning, and connection in our lives.

Wikkjaz Lore