Spirit Duality

Resurrecting our spirit, reigniting our spirit fuel and enabling ourselves to rediscover our self-healing power is what Wikkjaz calls Spirit Duality. By repairing the pathway between the logic of the mind and the feelings in the heart, gives balance to both sides, thus reclaiming the whole self.  

Spirit duality directs our understanding towards the multi-faceted layers of our feeling system and by understanding them more fully, helps us to acquire an ability to enable our thoughts to be more compatible with our true self. In turn, this encourages us to strengthen our resolve within the choices we make.  

The Spirit Fuel of The Soul 

Spirit is the essence of the true self, and the soul is the divine spark of life, a power pack or battery that seals life's containment. Spirit fuel is fluid within this battery, so we may experience life in motion. Delicate and vibrant, it is active from the moment of conception. This elixir of the soul, spirit fuel is the sustenance that sustains our journey through the realms of consciousness. 

As it moves within us, this ethereal substance awakens dormant potentials, igniting the embers of our divine nature. It whispers secrets to our intuition, unlocking the chambers of our innermost wisdom. With every surge, it kindles the flame of our passions, infusing our actions with purpose and depth. 

Yet, the nature of spirit fuel transcends mere individuality. It intertwines, mingles and exchanges, creating a tapestry of interconnectedness. It is the current that binds us all, the invisible thread that weaves the fabric of human experience and in its dance, it reminds us that we are not isolated entities, but part of a grand symphony, harmonizing in the cosmic chorus. 

Spirit fuel ignites the tool that will serve our survival on earth. The brain. The brain has one function, to serve this spirit fuel.  

The Duality of the Mind and Heart 

Duality can be described as a condition of being separate from something that coexists simultaneously. The notion of duality is a mind-made construct. 

All human experiences are memories of events and are stored in the brain. So the mind does not lose these memories that aid our survival, it has created a backup system. This backup system is stored within the heart as feelings creating balance of thoughts in the mind, feelings in the heart.   

The mind is an amazing tool which has evolved to serve the survival of its host. However, survival is an immensely strong driving force, and the self is struggling to be heard in this mind-made world and the mind holds dominance over the heart by sabotaging our feeling system, replacing the feelings that are created in the heart with false truths that are relevant to the mind’s agenda of survival.  

Feelings from memory, mind experience, are not us but we believe these feelings are us because we feel them. 

Duality is out of balance and the mind gets very confused as to its place in the bigger scheme of things, beginning the never-ending story of constant chatter, leaving our feelings debilitated, lonely and believing there is something wrong. 

Being able to identify and understand negative feelings fully enables us to receive a clarity of truth, free from the veneer of deception, leading us to rebalance our mental stability, and over time this new-found skill enables us to become closer to all outside the self. Self-awareness stands a far greater chance of bringing together a positive solution that can help raise the bar of compatible connections of the humane self.